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  • On Heroes and Tombs

    NOVEL, 1961

    Ernesto Sabato

    On Heroes and Tombs is perhaps Ernesto Sabato’s best known work. Published in 1961, he emerged on the Latin American literary scene, combining a series of elements that would make him unique...

  • Heterodoxy

    NON FICTION, 1953

    Ernesto Sabato

    Heterodoxy could well be read as Ernesto Sabato's spiritual autobiography. Originally published in 1953, it remains surprisingly relevant and revelatory to this day: his concerns over the loss of...

  • Men and Gears

    NON FICTION, 1951

    Ernesto Sabato

    Modern times and human strictures are the two philosophical themes explored by Ernesto Sabato in this essential text. Ernesto Sabato analyzes the crisis that has beset modern culture, trying to...

  • The Tunnel

    NOVEL, 1948

    Ernesto Sabato

    “When it was first published in Spanish, The tunnel won the applause of Thomas Mann and Albert Camus and was described as an existentialist classic”, reminds The New York Times Book...

  • The Pursuit

    NOVEL, 1994

    Juan José Saer

    This labyrinthine work by Juan José Saer contains two parallel investigations into the complexities of madness, memory and crime. The cases; the famous mystery of a series of murders in...

  • The River Without a Shore

    ESSAY, 1991

    Juan José Saer

    In El río sin orillas (The River Without a Shore), history and culture, the past and present come together in Saer's tight, vigorous writing, which organizes events into a specific order...

  • Opportunity

    NOVEL, 1986

    Juan José Saer

    La ocasión (Opportunity)   tells the tale of Bianco, a master of the occult who must leave Europe hounded by what he calls "the conspiracy of the positivists of Paris”,...

  • The Sixty-Five Years of Washington

    NOVEL, 1985

    Juan José Saer

    An ironic, sentimental journey, Glosa (The Sixty-Five Years of Washington ) concentrates on incidental events and epiphanies, the most important aspects of the world of Juan José Saer...

  • The Witness

    NOVEL, 1983

    Juan José Saer

    A cabin boy on a Spanish expedition to the Río de la Plata at the beginning of the 16th Century is captured and adopted by Colastinés Indians. He thus discovers traditions and...

  • Nobody nothing never

    NOVEL, 1994

    Juan José Saer

    What discourse can really offer the complexity of the real life? How many versions of history are possible? At a bend in a river, some men share images and memories, between a suffocating...

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