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Born in Mercedes in the Province of Buenos Aires, Felipe Pigna is a specialist in the history of Argentina. He has done copious work in different formats in the press, on the radio and on TV. He is the Director of the Promotional Centre for Argentine History at the Universidad Nacional de General San Martín, writes a column for the Sunday edition of Clarín in Buenos Aires and hosts Historias de nuestra historia (Stories from Our History) on Radio Nacional. He is also the Director of the magazine Caras y Caretas and Latin America consultant for The History Channel. Together with Mario Pergolini he hosted Algo habrán hecho por la historia argentina (They Must Have Done Something for Argentine History), based on his books Los mitos de la historia argentina (Myths of the History of Argentina) (2004), shown on Canal 13 and Telefé, which received a rating of 25 points on prime time. He won the 2006 and 2007 Martín Fierro Prizes and the Clarín Prize in 2006 and 2009 among many other awards and honours.

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By Felipe Pigna

  • The Güemes

    NON FICTION, 2023

  • Streets

    NON FICTION, 2022

    This is not a traditional book, the kind with a beginning and an end, that you read from first page to last like a novel or story collection although there's no reason you couldn't and enjoy...

  • Gardel

    NON FICTION, 2020

    GARDEL is an appropriately masterful biography of a brilliant artist. An extraordinarily detailed study written with Felipe Pigna's customary skill, it tells the story of a unique musician who...

  • The stories of Don Manuel

    CHILDRENS, 2020

  • Rebellious Women from History. Volumes 1 and 2

    CHILDRENS, 2019

    All the stories of the rebellious women of Argentine history in one package. Ideal for gifts and to enjoy the life stories of the women who made history.

  • Myths of Argentine History (1)

    NON FICTION, 2019


  • A Life Dedicated to the Nation

    NON FICTION,2017

    Mariano Moreno boasts the unusual distinction of being both praised and attacked for opinions he never held and concepts he never formulated. The image of a liberal, unitarian or ‘Buenos...

  • Manuel Belgrano

    NON FICTION, 2016

    The official historical narrative has relegated Manuel Belgrano to the role of ‘creator of the national flag' so much so that the anniversary of his death will forever be associated with the...

  • The Voice of the Great Leader

    NON FICTION, 2014

    José de San Martín is one of the most renowned and revered men in the history of Argentina but also one of the least known as a human being. With the rigorous research and engaging...

  • They Had to be Women

    NON FICTION, 2014


  • Liberators of America

    NON FICTION, 2014

    During the course of the Latin American wars of independence several leaders came to prominence whom history would hail as Liberators, perhaps to make the contrast with the Conquistadores who had...

  • Episodes in the Life of Evita

    NON FICTION, 2012

    Eva Perón is without doubt a major contemporary icon and a fundamental figure in the history of Argentina. Episodes in the Life of Evita , the first biography by Felipe Pigna, presents her...

  • Thinking About the Past

    NON FICTION, 2012

    In these enthralling interviews, Felipe Pigna looks back over key moments in the history of Argentina between 1955 and 1983, a crucial period of the 20th century from the fall of Juan Domingo...

  • 1810

    NON FICTION, 2010

    From the moment Argentinians start going to school, they learn to celebrate the 25th of May as a patriotic event: the anniversary of the revolution that over two hundred years ago set the country...

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