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Gabriela Exilart was born in Mar del Plata. She is a lawyer and professor and teaches writing workshops. Tormentas del pasado (Storms from the Past), her first novel, captivated thousands of readers and for its painstaking historical research was declared to be of Legislative Interest by the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires. Her works encompass different periods from the history of Argentina and address environment, gender and race issues, flowing from the past to the present with gripping fluidity.



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By Gabriela Exilart

  • Oh, Sins


    How much are we willing to risk for love? How far can we go for jealousy? Is betrayal forgiven? A married woman succumbs to desire and doesn't want the sun to rise. Two co-workers really look at...

  • The Whisper of Women

    NOVEL, 2022

    Buenos Aires in 1910. The thriving city is modernizing fast in preparation for the country's centenary. Allegra and Fiorella, aunt and niece respectively, have come over from Italy hoping to make...

  • Secrets at dawn

    NOVEL, 2021

    Gijón, Spain, 1956. María de la Paz Noriega is determined to uncover the secret origins of her father, Bruno Noriega. All she has to go on is an old note from the civil war. Her...

  • The Sands of Gijón

    NOVEL, 2019

    Just when we fall in love, the world falls apart... Gijón, 1936. A pair of brothers come into the life of young Marcia, daughter of a powerful businessman. A forced, loveless marriage...

  • Rising from the Rubble

    NOVEL, 2018

    What happens when everything falls apart, when a world that had seemed safe and secure is reduced to rubble? When one's needs and priorities change and selfishness gives way to solidarity? What's...

  • Napalpí. Caught in the Wind

    NOVEL, 2018

    Sometimes the past is a wind that entraps you with its enigmatic secrets. But a fit of passion can change everything. Two passionate stories come together in this novel: in Buenos Aires in 1922,...

  • My Heart is in the South

    NOVEL, 2017

    In an Argentina racked by violence, a woman tries to put back the pieces of her life and start again. The novel takes place in the late seventies and returns to the characters of Brushstrokes of...

  • Brushstrokes in Jet Black

    NOVEL, 2017

    Buenos Aires in 1930. Stein Frank is a jeweller in the family business but his real vocation is for painting. On his wanderings through the city, he meets Aime, a young woman of indigenous descent...

  • For the Blood Spilled

    NOVEL, 2016

    The year is 1920. An economic crisis has sent the price of cotton through the floor while workers campaign for their rights. In the central government President Yrigoyen tries to calm an explosive...

  • Storms from the Past

    NOVEL, 2015

    As she awaits rescue from her prison in a woodsman's cabin, Prudencia distracts herself from her ancestral fear of storms by looking back over her life. Her brief existence has been scarred by...

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