Gastón García Marinozzi


A writer, journalist and cultural organizer, Gastón García Marinozzi has written books of journalism, novels, essays, scripts and plays. His work has been published in La Vanguardia, El Mundo, Expansión, Clarín, La Voz del Interior, Revista Noticias, Letras Libres, Reforma, and Milenio, among other media outlets. He has received a grant from the Fundación de Nuevo Periodismo Latinoamericano founded by Gabriel García Márquez, coordinates the Dirección General de Publicaciones and was the Director of the Feria Internacional del Libro Infantil y Juvenil de México (FILIJ) in 2018. He currently lives in Mexico City.

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By Gastón García Marinozzi

  • Real Places

    NOVEL, 2022

    "What would you ask a pair of whales before they die? What would you ask lovers about to say goodbye?" It's the 24th of December and the year is almost over. It's not the only thing about to...

  • Whoever said all is lost? Biography of a song

    NON-FICTION, 2021

    Whoever said all is lost? Can a song change the world? This is the story of the anthems we can't stop singing, from "Bella Ciao" to Black Lives Matter as well as feminist music from around...

  • The Book of Lies

    NOVEL, 2018

    Was I supposed to make you happy? Was that what you expected of me? Is that something you can expect of someone else? So little? Mike is a sickly young student and artist, a cowardly,...

  • Journey to the End of Memory

    NOVEL, 2015

    On the eleventh of September, 2001, the journalist Mario Palmero was sent from Mexico City to New York to cover the attack on the Twin Towers. Because flights had been grounded, he travelled by...

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