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Inés Ortega is one of the most famous figures in Spanish cooking. The daughter of Simone Ortega, author of the bestselling 1080 recetas de cocina (1080 Recipes), Inés combines her teaching responsibilities with her dedication to the world of gastronomy. She writes a weekly column for Hola magazine, regularly appears on the radio and TV and can't stop writing new books.

Marina Rivas studied at the prestigious cookery school Le Cordon Bleu, receiving its Grand Diplôme - the most comprehensive culinary training programme and highest honour currently in existence - specializing in French cookery and pastry. She currently runs her own catering firm. Marina Rivas and Inés Ortega have begun a fresh and interesting publishing project as co-authors of a collection entitled 1080 Nuevas Ideas de Cocina (1080 New Cooking Ideas), with their first book, Cocinar Sin Gluten, Sin Huevo, Sin Lactosa (Cooking without Gluten, Eggs or Lactose).

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PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ALIANZA

By Marina Rivas & Inés Ortega

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