Pablo Simonetti

CHILE, 1961

He holds a degree in civil engineering, but beginning in 1996, he dedicated his energies exclusively to literature. All his short stories were gathered in the collection published as Vidas vulnerables (Vulnerable Lives) (1999), which was awarded honorable mention for the Santiago de Chile City Prize. His three novels Madre que estás en los cielos (Mother Who art in Heaven), La razón de los amantes (The Reason of Lovers) and La barrera del pudor (My Personal Boundaries) have met with both critical and popular acclaim.

A sharp observer of relationships, its lights and shadows.

“The first time I read one of his stories I did it out of curiosity

and couldn’t put it down until the final page. It had been a long time

since I read such well-narrated stories by a Chilean writer.”

Roberto Bolaño


“Simonetti cultivates words masterfully: where previously

there was silence and aridity sprouts the most moving flowers.”

Jaime Bayly

© Julio Donoso

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By Pablo Simonetti

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