Socorro Venegas

Mexico, 1972

Socorro Venegas is a writer and editor. She has received the Benemérito de América National Story Award, the Carlos Fuentes National Award for the First Novel and the León Book Fair Award for Promotion of Literature. Her stories have been translated into English and French and included in several anthologies. She is currently General Director of Publications and Editorial Promotion at UNAM and writes the column ‘Airplane Mode' for the online literary publication Literal Magazine.

Interview El País (Spanish)

Socorro Venegas possesses a wonderful, powerful, beautiful, precise voice and is one of the most important Mexican authors writing today.

  ‘These days, one rarely finds a fiction writer with so much poetic energy.'

Agustín Cadena, LA JORNADA.

© Isabel Wagemann

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By Socorro Venegas

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    MEMORIES, 2022

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  • A memory of burning


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  • Wedding Dress

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  • The Night will be Black and White

    NOVEL, 2009

    In a plainspoken but generous and open style, this first novella sensitively tells the story of a family. Brief and intense, it digs deep to present an account that moves and entertains on every...

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