Soledad Barruti


Soledad Barruti is a journalist and writer. She specializes in issues related to nutrition and the food industry for the radio, television and the printed press and also gives talks and courses at universities and institutions in Argentina and across the world. Her first non-fiction book, Malcomidos (Indigestion), about how the Argentine food industry is killing its customers, was published in 2013 and immediately became a bestseller that is still widely read today.

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By Soledad Barruti

  • Spilt Milk

    NON FICTION, 2018

    The pitfalls of supermarket aisles... Since when does chocolate not contain cocoa? Why do breakfast cereals lack anything resembling cereal? Where do the colours in flavoured water come from?...

  • Indigestion

    NON FICTION, 2013

    What lies behind the food we eat? Why don't cows eat grass? Why don't chicken farmers eat the chicken they produce? What dangers lurk in your salad? What's the story behind each succulent piece...

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