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Inés & Simone Ortega


This classic, which confirmed Simone Ortega’s place as the undisputed doyenne of cuisine in Spain, has now reached the 3 million mark. With over 30 editions, this cookbook published 25 years ago is still the most authoritative book to teach in an easy and comfortable way how to cook to new generations of men and women. A real kitchen best seller. Ines Ortega is continuing this culinary tradition, sometimes with her mother and sometimes on her own, and publishes a large number of titles, which are always up-to-date and always a success. For over 30 years no one has been able to speak with more authority about international and Spanish cuisine than Ines and Simone Ortega.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ALIANZA | Catalan GRUP 62 |Worldwide, except Spain and Latin America (ILLUSTRATED EDITION) PHAIDON 

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