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From the moment Argentinians start going to school, they learn to celebrate the 25th of May as a patriotic event: the anniversary of the revolution that over two hundred years ago set the country on the path to independence. But what did that revolution consist of? What were the objectives, ideas and aspirations that drove people to overthrow centuries of colonial rule? To understand the process of transformation it is necessary above all to know about the historical reality of the men and women who lived through it. The society they lived in, the interests that drove the different sectors, the traditions of oppression and resistance that shaped their culture and points of view and, definitively: the life and history they had led and experienced thus far and what they wanted to change about them.

This new book by Felipe Pigna explores these processes so as to understand the society that existed 200 years ago and the conflicts that marked the beginning of the end of the colonial regime in Latin America. The long tradition of resistance to domination that had existed among indigenous peoples since the conquest, the suffering and struggles of slaves for their liberation and the complex relationships between the different social classes and sectors of the colonial regime, the influence of the revolutions in Europe and America and the internal and external causes of the crisis of colonial society all feature in this detailed, gripping study which reconstructs an essential moment in the history and identity of Argentina.



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