Poetic Anthology

Mario Benedetti


‘I am a poet / gentlemen: / and you should know that poets / live around the corner from this world.'

‘It's hardly a easy task selecting just a few of the most representative poems from out of Benedetti's vast oeuvre but I believe that this anthology contains all the Marios that he kept in his backpack - the office worker, the middle class Montevidean, the committed journalist, the curious traveller, the activist protecting the country's heritage, the exile and the man who returned from exile, the reluctant intellectual, the political brawler and of course the hard working, conscientious poet he was at all times - in the hope that it will be as useful to the reader who is already familiar with the poet's literary universe as those reading his verses for the first time.
Mario Benedetti was one of the most prolific and popular writers in Latin America. An unprepossessing, fragile looking man with a measured voice and manner who brought literature to the people without a hint of solemnity. Ignoring contemporary fashions and trends, he wrote stories about the average human being. He worked in several different literary genres including novels, stories, and plays but poetry was his favourite medium, the one for which he felt the deepest calling and the most abundant and popular of all his output. Benedetti is probably the best read poet in the language and certainly the most widely sung.'
Joan Manuel Serrat

"Of his literary world we are left with the wonderful poems and stories he wrote, which reaffirmed his love for lives embedded in the monotony of routine, discreet heroes who turn up to the office on time every day."
Mario Vargas Llosa


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