How to Sketch Out a Novel

Martín Solares

ESSAY. ERA, 2014. 142 PAGES.

These essays on novels are by turns conversational, naughty and very confessional. In this book, Martín Solares converts his reading and convictions into a kind of literary conversation in which the prose reflects the lightness, speed and fascinating power of the fictions it addresses. 

The first and last phrase of novels, the invention (or discovery) of characters, the objects that behave like living creatures and the ways in which literary tales address the reader are just some of the vivacious and classic themes that arise here. 

Martín Solares, novelist, editor and leader of workshops is, above all, a passionate reader of fiction. And his excitement is contagious. He makes us want to read books we’ve never heard of, to re-read ones we enjoyed long ago and even to write our own. What is usually lost when two writers talk about their books, in a café or workshop, or share their thoughts on a first manuscript, is captured here in all its freshness, rhythm and wit, opening a brilliant new chapter in the genre of the personal essay and also offering a privileged portrait of the author, among many other figures.

"It is written and presented with an accurate and elegant humor

like a silk glove slap."

Alfonso Orejel


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