Martian Chrocknicles

Joselo Rangel


Eclectic tales that often begin with something on the personal schedule: Café Tacuba tours, practices and concerts, a meeting with an artist (famous or emerging) backstage at a festival, a record release or book launch.

"Culture in all its different incarnations is a recurring theme in these texts. Joselo opens the door to a universe that includes David Byrne and the Pixies, Frank Zappa and Michelangelo Antonioni, Santa Sabina and Radiohead, Philip K. Dick and Morrissey, Wim Wenders and Gustavo Santaolalla, New Order and Chavela Vargas, and hundreds of other artists. Very often he draws fascinating parallels between them that may not be immediately apparent. In addition to all this cultural background, Joselo also shares his memories of childhood and adolescence and even his family in everyday stories that function as catalysts for reflections about life." Humphrey Inzillo

"These articles bear witness to the stream of ideas that bounce around the author's head as he experiences his reality and they can thus be very different from one another. This could additionally be a result of his deep love of music, which has led him to create a very critical scale of values in which, as is the case with all music lovers, his favourites feature prominently. Joselo also shares complicit glimpses of fascinating figures backstage in the musical big leagues, where few are allowed entry. His relationships with other musicians, life on the road during tours, the mysterious bond with fans, the privileges that he is granted without even being very interested in them, etc. Plus there is his knowledge, everything that his obsession with literature has brought him, especially the works by his favourite writers: William Gibson, J. G. Ballard and of course Ray Bradbury, in whose honour he named the column where he first published the chronicles that make up this book." Enrique Blane


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