Joselo Rangel


In March 2016, as part of their ‘Latin America Olè Tour', the British band The Rolling Stones played in Cuba for the first time at a free concert held at the Ciudad Deportiva in Havana. On Good Friday, almost immediately after the visit of the American president Barack Obama, the first leader from the country to set foot on Cuban soil in the past eighty-eight years, the Stones played for a crowd whose exact number is still disputed: anywhere from 500,000 to 1.2 million. At the show were fans from different countries who didn't want to miss what promised to be the band's most exciting show in many years; actors, journalists and of course Cubans, the huge majority of whom had never heard the Rolling Stones play before. Javier Sinay, an Argentine journalist; Joselo, a writer and guitar player for the Mexican band Café Tacuba and Jeremías Gamboa, a Peruvian writer and journalist, travelled to Cuba to witness the encounter between the world's longest surviving rock band and a people only just waking up to the music. This book features each of their accounts of a gig that became a historical event.


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