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Lucas Nine


Lucas Nine draws the Paris of the Belle Époque, the Paris of the Impressionists, and that suits his style perfectly. René Dulac, a social columnist for the newspaper Le Siècle, gradually discovered that a Parisian criminal gang carried out its macabre operations from the Gai Cochon cabaret. Once again, the Argentine author delights with his drawing that pays homage to Honoré Daumier, using the pencil line with charcoal to give a sense of volume and a pastel atmosphere. Lucas Nine develops this human comedy by multiplying references to French culture, from La vache qui rit to Gaston Leroux, passing through the silent film Le Cochon danseur.

Lucas Nine is Argentine and lives in Buenos Aires. He studied drawing and cinema. Illustrator of children's books, director of short films, cartoonist, he published many stories in the South American press, before publishing comics: Dingo Roméro (Les Rêveurs, 2008), then Thé de Nuts (Les Rêveurs, 2012), Les Contes du suicidé (Warum, 2016), Jorge Luis Borges (Les Rêveurs, 2018) and Budapest ou Presque (Les Rêveurs, 2019).


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