Twice Unique

Elena Poniatowska


A diva and muse in her own right, legendary wife, magnificent cook, stormy tempered mother and tragic widow, María Guadalupe Marín Preciado, Lupe Marín (1895-1983), was a privileged witness and an indispensable part of some of the extraordinary lives that shaped Mexican art in the 20th Century.

Married to Diego Rivera and the poet and critic Jorge Cuesta, the best known of the writers in the group Contemporáneos, Lupe Marín saw the blossoming of their work and that of other creators such as Frida Kahlo, Rafael Coronel, Xavier Villaurrutia and Juan Soriano, as well as exercising a powerful influence over her children and grandchildren, the heirs of a legacy as brilliant as it was imperious.

Interview with Elena Poniatowska due to publishing of Twice Unique, in La Vanguardia. (Spanish)

"In Elena Poniatowska many different qualities are at play: elegance,

verbal music, her unique ability to make language come alive,

the way she conveys her vision, all united by yet another admirable trait:

her civic courage."

Sergio Pitol


"The pages in her books are like listening to her talk, her literature

has taught us that it is possible to write the way people talk."

Jordi Soler


"She has enhanced the Latin American tradition of bringing together

journalism and literature and literature and journalism.

The order doesn't matter, time has blurred the boundary."

Winston Manrique, EL PAÍS

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