The Polish Lover

Elena Poniatowska


Elena Poniatowska's most personal and ambitious novel yet

It's 1743 and as he listens carefully to accounts of his family's historic feats, Stanislaw journeys through a breathtaking winter landscape in the company of his mother. Her passion for Catherine the Great and the Poniatowskas' turbulent rise to the throne of Poland are a long way behind them. Two centuries later, at the age of 10, Elena watches the snow fall in Paris for the last time. A long journey to Mexico, the homeland of her mother Paula Amor, lies ahead as they flee the war tearing Europe apart.

The first part of The Polish Lover is a fascinating journey through two different time periods: the European courts of the 18th Century and the bustling Mexico City of the 1950s with its palace intrigues, literary salons, forbidden loves and a life dedicated to writing full of intense but painful peaks and troughs.

Elena Poniatowska, winner of the 2013 Cervantes Prize, has written her most personal novel yet: intimate language and emotion come together in an epic tale of a kingdom on the cusp of disappearing. This masterpiece reaffirms the author's extraordinary narrative talent and originality.

«Poniatowska mixes documentation and imagination with virtuosity, elaborates a moving reconstruction of her ancestor's life and narrates her own life trajectory without sentimentality. [...] The book also functions as a memoir in which the author tells, with clear and evocative prose, very vivid, her greatest secret.»

Rosa Martí, El Confidencial


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