The courage to be who you are (even if you might not like it)

Walter Riso


A guide for rebels who love their individuality

This book is founded in a basic principle: in order to grow as a person you have to be, more than anything, free inside; to think, feel and act according to your values and principles, to accept that when it comes to you, you're the only one in charge.
A manual to help you shed certain beliefs instilled by society that prevent you from living a full, healthy existence. The things we are taught during childhood drain your energy, acting as a handbrake on your life. As Krishnamurti said: freedom is not the end of the road, it's the beginning. That means that there's no sense in talking about personal resilience or improvement if you're still psychologically tied to certain patterns and behaviours that prevent you from the achieving the necessary lucidity to make changes and undergo your own psychological revolution. To begin a radical change in your lifestyle you must let go of certain psychological and emotional hang ups still floating among your neurons and rebel.


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