Trail of Blood

Ernesto Mallo


An unexpected twist of fate has suddenly made Perro Lascano a wealthy man: the inspector has won back Eva's love and retired from the police force. His life has become predictable, quiet and safe. But as a born man of action, Perro doesn't know how to be bored. When a criminal dying in a prison hospital says that he knows who murdered Lascano's parents when he was just a boy, the former inspector immediately sets out on an obsessive investigation that takes him from Buenos Aires to Barcelona, endangering everything he loves in the process, to solve a mystery that has haunted him for his entire life. But the truth that awaits him will come as a huge surprise...
Intense, exciting and moving, the final case of the legendary detective created by the Argentine writer Ernesto Mallo is much more than a crime novel. It's a raw, honest tale about the human condition put together precisely, like clockwork, to keep the reader on tenterhooks, stimulating all their senses as they read on, fascinated and terrified by what might happen next but driven to keep turning the pages and allow themselves to be carried away by the power of the narrative.

Article El Mundo

"Mallo's novels belong to the class of crime literature that one might call historical crime novels: noire as a moral criticism of a period," Justo Navarro, Babelia


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