The Reliquary

Ernesto Mallo


In the year 1523, Benvenuto Cellini - the genius goldsmith and sculptor of the Italian Renaissance - sculpts a small jewel that he is planning to give to Pope Clemente VII in thanks for having had him released from prison. The Reliquary follows the jewel as it passes from hand to hand bringing misfortune on all those unlucky enough to possess it, over three hundred years, from the two foundations of Buenos Aires to the shooting of Santiago de Liniers, the legendary hero of Reconquista, in 1810.
Political intrigue, magic, aborigines, slaves and conquistadors, hardship at sea, love, betrayal, war and religion are just some of the ingredients of this gripping novel, which Editorial Planeta is publishing in celebration of the Bicentenary of the Revolución de Mayo.
Written with a forceful prose style and the pace of a film script, The Reliquary is an exemplary example of Ernesto Mallo's unique, unpretentious style based in sound and extensive research. This is a masterful novel with the urgency of a crime thriller, the passion of a tragic love story and the intricate twists and turns of a political intrigue that cannot fail to please even the most demanding reader. An ambitious novel about the ferocious encounter of two worlds.

"The reliquary is an important work that masterfully portrays

unforgettable characters and is infused

with the epic spirit of passing generations."

Guillermo Martínez

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide PLANETA | Brazil PLANETA | Croatia ZNANJE

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