The Cultural Plundering of Latin America

Fernando Báez


From the plundering of the cultural heritage of all Latin America beginning in the sixteenth century, including the conquest that swept millions of cultural goods from the shores of pre-Hispanic populations, to the destruction of customs and books during the Inquisition and the chaos of the periods of rebellion and independence, this profound well-documented essay reaches up into the present to expose the sacking of all cultural areas by Latin American dictators and the illegal trafficking in cultural goods by the entire world, starting with the wreckage of sunken boats in the continent’s waters. An important work that explains the destruction of culture in Latin America, offers examples of similar pillaging in history, and analyzes memoricide and how it is related to the negation of community identity.This essay is essential for understanding the great harm done to cultural memory.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide except Venezuela and Colombia PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE | Brazil EDIOURO

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