The Whisper of Women

Gabriela Exilart


Buenos Aires in 1910. The thriving city is modernizing fast in preparation for the country's centenary. Allegra and Fiorella, aunt and niece respectively, have come over from Italy hoping to make a future for themselves in a new world that looks to be bursting with opportunity. The city greets them with open arms and plenty of celebration. Allegra came answering the call of love and soon finds herself running an estate. Fiorella, far from her parents, meets Julieta Lanteri, a doctor fighting for the cause of women's rights who makes a huge impression on her, forging a friendship based on admiration and respect. Meanwhile, back in Italy, Gianna, Fiorella's sister, is desperately trying to find a way to get across the ocean and escape poverty. When she finally makes it to Buenos Aires, she finds it enchanting.

Guided by Julieta Lanteri, the two immigrant sisters get involved in demonstrations and congresses calling for equality and women's suffrage but they soon also find themselves involved in passionate love affairs, unfaithful relationships and suffering from male oppression which eventually results in a murder whose presumed perpetrator is sent to a notorious prison down at the end of the world.

The Whisper of Women tells the story of women's fight to obtain civil and political rights, vividly and carefully reconstructing a key period of Argentine history that allows us a better understanding of the present.


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