The Universe or Nothing

Elena Poniatowska


Ever since his mother first showed him the stars, the fate of Guillermo Haro (1913-1988) has been tied to them. Having dropped out of a legal degree and earned one in philosophy instead, the sky proved to be his greatest enigma. A revolutionary, the youngest member of the National College (1953), a firm believer in scientific vocation, his intelligence drove him to found the astronomical observatories of the 20th Century in Mexico and make discoveries that would place him at the summit of the great astrophysicists who changed our conceptions of the Universe.

To this man of the left, nothing was so important as encouraging young people onto the path of science. He faced every conflict with a defiant “Let it be heard, whatever it is” and dedicated his life to improving the country that he loved as much as astronomy. The Universe or Nothing recounts the life of the father of Mexican astrophysics, who has already featured as a character in novels and in innumerable articles and interviews, each of its pages backed up with an exhaustive bibliography, his personal archive and interviews with the astronomers who followed him.


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