Episodes in the Life of Evita

Felipe Pigna


Eva Perón is without doubt a major contemporary icon and a fundamental figure in the history of Argentina. Episodes in the Life of Evita, the first biography by Felipe Pigna, presents her in all her complexity from her childhood to her transformation into a hugely important political figure even after her death, when she became a focal point for her enemies' anger and a standard to be raised by her followers.

With a wealth of documentation and testimony, Felipe Pigna presents an account of the life of ‘the most beloved and hated woman in Argentina', the truths, myths and legends, loves and hatreds that have gathered around her many different public and private personas. The nature of the myth that began after her early tragic death can only be compared in terms of its global reach with that of Che Guevara. The controversy she still incites sixty years after her death is indicative of the deep mark left by the person who asked to be remembered as the woman the people fondly knew of as Evita.

The period of Argentine history described here is key to a genuine understanding of the rise and consolidation of Peronism which followed its fall and long period in exile and continues to this day.


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