Needle in the Haystack

Ernesto Mallo


Lascano, a police captain deeply disturbed by the recent death of his wife, Marisa, receives a call: there are two bodies near the Riachuelo. At the scene of the crime, he finds a third corpse without the typical characteristics of the "executed" of the period. Needle in a Haystack is a noir crime novel set within the landscape of the political violence of the 1970s. Policeman, military people, young activists working underground, members of the Argentinean upper class, and a troubled police captain who thinks he has found his dead wife in a girl trying to escape the repression of the dictatorship give shape to this thriller. Ernesto Mallo exhibits admirable command of the classical crime novel tradition, masterfully maintaining suspense in a complex, tightly woven story that will take the reader’s breath away.

"This novel has sunk me in the sofa...

It is good, really good, a jewel."

Ernesto Ayala-Dip, EL CORREO

PUBLISHED BY: Latin America PLANETA | Spain SIRUELA | Brazil LETRAMENTO | Croatia ZNANJE | Czech Republic HOST | France PAYOT ET RIVAGES | Germany AUFBAU | English worldwide BITTER LEMON PRESS | Italy 001 EDIZIONI | Macedonia BATA PRESS

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