The City of Fury

Ernesto Mallo


This story occurs in hot, muggy, dark streets, the home of criminals and assassins paid by the state and private sector alike. The city sleeps restlessly, panting like a dangerous beast it wouldn't be advisable to rouse. There is an atmosphere of concentrated resentment and yearning for revenge. Evil spirits dance in the shadows. Furtive silhouettes spying out from their hidey holes with glowing eyes. Creatures ready to kill for a jacket or a watch, for whatever spoils might help them to assuage their gnawing hunger. There is hatred in the heartbeat of these soulless streets. One feels the unbearable pressure, silent indications that a bloody revolt is about to break out at any moment.

This novel takes place in Buenos Aires but it might happen in any city in the Western world in the near future: the effects of the pandemic and economic recession have plunged millions of people into poverty and money is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands with governments increasingly turning to repressive tactics... the true, incisive prose of this novel describes situations that oughtn't to be happening. With his well-known narrative skill, Ernesto Mallo delivers a vibrant dystopia in which no one is innocent and nothing is what it seems.

«Ernesto Mallo immerses us in a world in which murder and the impunity of the powerful sit side by side, a landscape populated by paid assassins and paramilitary police.»

Javier Coria, PÚBLICO


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