The Four Seasons Kitchen

Marina Rivas & Inés Ortega


In this book, following on from Gluten-Free Cooking, No Eggs or Lactose and Simple, Healthy Cooking, Inés Ortega and Marina Rivas look to answer a recurring question from readers and healthcare specialists: how to easily and clearly achieve physical and mental wellbeing through food. Today we know that what we eat affects how the brain produces hormones and that it is almost impossible to feel good if we're not well-nourished and don't do regular exercise. Because nature provides us with different produce in different seasons and our nutritional needs vary accordingly the authors have decided to divide the book into four sections, one for each season of the year. Firm champions, like Simone Ortega, of local, seasonal products, the authors, in addition to sharing easy and tasty meal suggestions for each season, also present recipes for jams, breads, yoghurts and other foods you can make at home so you'll always have a tomato sauce, cured vegetables or homemade preserves to hand. In addition to the benefits of good eating, this book also has the added bonus of sharing ideas for activities for adults and children to do outside such as foraging for plants and fruit, showing us how to get in touch with nature and protect the environment. This is a tasty invitation to improve your health and wellbeing all year round.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ALIANZA

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