The Invasion

Ricardo Piglia


Forty years after the first edition of this book, Piglia decided to revise and amplify it.This collection of stories allows for the rediscovery of an acclaimed author when he was still a young literary promise already prefiguring his future work. Historical fictions, biographical sketches of obscure losers, and heartfelt stories of childhood are brought together in a very personal vision that penetrates the surface of official Argentinean history. After forty years, “enough to determine if a book stands the test of time or not,” according to the author, the reappearance of The Invasion, which was awarded by the Casa de las Americas in 1967, is a big event for readers. Finally they can enjoy this, until now, practically hidden jewel by an author unique for his use of language and his knowledge of the subtle interior mechanisms of narration..

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ANAGRAMA / DEBOLSILLO | Arabic NCCAL | Bulgaria PANORAMA | Brazil ILUMINURAS | Italy SUR

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