The Other Isabel

Laura Martínez Belli


The story of Moctezuma's only heir as never before told.

1521, the Aztec empire is collapsing. Tecuixpo, Moctezuma's favourite daughter, is imprisoned by the same Spanish conquistadores who are responsible for the death of her father and the bloody defeat of her people. Now, renamed Isabel, she finds herself forced to live according to the customs and religion of her captors. Already immersed in a world of intrigue, betrayal and death, life has yet another blow in store: her eldest daughter will be abducted by Hernán Cortés, the man she hates most in the world. Decades later, on her return to New Spain, Leonor, a young mestiza orphan, will have to face down all those determined keep her in the dark about the extraordinary inheritance that is rightfully hers.
The Other Isabel is the epic adventure of the last Tlahtoani, who lost her name, empire and family but never admitted defeat. In this extraordinary novel, Laura Martínez-Belli interweaves fact and fiction with gripping skill to produce a revelatory political thriller.


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