Reality and Word

Mario Benedetti


In Reality and Word, Mario Benedetti offers us an approach to the great themes of contemporary reflection, situated in the rich and contradictory reality of Latin America, as well as an interesting journey through the main authors and currents of South American literature. With extraordinary sensitivity, Benedetti analyzes the work of Borges, Cortázar, Circe Maya and Onetti, among others, as a starting point to penetrate into the extra-literary dimension of writing, the writer's commitment to the reality that surrounds him or, in parallel, his evasion to fictitious worlds in the name of creation itself. Also the relationship between the individual and the landscape in the novel, or the function of memory in collective life are some of the themes that the author deals with in this book. All this is established through the relationship between reality, founder of the word, and the word, in turn, creator and evoker of realities. "We are reality and we are word. We are also many other things, but who doubts that being reality and being word are two exciting ways of being a man."


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