The Knights of the Night

Daniel Balmaceda

NOVEL, 2024, PRH, 282 PAGES

Buenos Aires. 1881. One cold winter night, the corpse of Mrs. Inés Indart de Dorrego disappears from the Recoleta cemetery. Three Italians, two Frenchmen, a Greek and an Algerian, led by a Belgian and a Spaniard, make up the unusual band of kidnappers: The Knights of the Night. How did they manage to get the coffin out? Where did they hide it? How will they manage to collect the ransom? And most importantly, what will they do to elude the bloodhounds of the newly created Capital Police, always on their heels?
The Knights of the Night represents an unprecedented plot in the history of crime in Argentina. The dizzying story exhibits the duality of a gang of immigrants who, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, carried out clandestine actions, while during the day they maintained the facade of honest and hard-working citizens. This historical evocation offers a fascinating glimpse into an era, revealing how daily life and crime were intertwined in a society that multiplied without limits.
With the enigmatic rhythm of a police thriller and the unmistakable stamp of his style, Daniel Balmaceda transports us to a real case that reads like a novel of intrigue, trapping the reader in a plot of suspense and mystery, from the first to the last page.

«A police case that has all the condiments to become a classic»



«Action, intrigue, suspense and a great mystery in one of the most sacred and most visited places in Buenos Aires, with the DNA of Balmaceda»



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