The Sea Outside

Grecia Cáceres


The Sea Outside is a moving story about the unsettling journey of Miranda. A brutal, mysterious disappearance, a sordid accusation and a scandal will force her to leave Lima together with her twins and give up her vocation as a writer. Out of this traumatic initial predicament a new life will begin to emerge on the other side of the sea. Paris, a city of dreams but also a great unknown, will provide a new space for her life where she can rebuild her bonds with her home country. But what will happen when Miranda has to go back to Lima?
This story plunges us again and again into emotional and experiential revelations. In delicate, poetic, daring prose, Grecia Cáceres returns to fiction with a novel that has all the power and fascination of high quality literature.

She comes to live in Europe alone, in winter, carrying her sleeping twins as best she can, struggling with her suitcase, completely lost in her thoughts, with a persistent pain in her left breast. A solitary flame burns somewhere in her consciousness, the kind that lights up when one of her children is crying, alerting her to danger or some pressing need while the rest of her brain remains on low power, neither asleep nor awake, inert, refusing to suffer any more.

Interview in EL COMERCIO

Interview in LA REPÚBLICA

«Mar afuera is a novel with an unusual structure and dialogues that can be read in a single sitting. It stands out for its fresh, poetic language»

Juliane Ángeles


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