I Don’t Want to Grow Old

Pilar Sordo


“I don’t want to grow old,” was the phrase most often heard during the research on which this book is based. Whether it is because successful traits are associated exclusively with youth or our fear of the problems that come with ill health or lack of resources in our later years, the point is that these days we’ve been given twenty more years of life and we don’t know what to do with them. What is it about the passing of time that so terrifies us?  

Pilar Sordo breaks down the key drivers of modern life to build the central thesis of her study which, rather than confronting old age, has more to do with assimilating the idea that we age as we have lived. So, I Don’t Want to Grow Old isn’t a book about old age, it’s an invitation to celebrate life, to listen to our body and soul, to invest in affection and take care of our emotional ties. Only that way will we be able to prepare ourselves to live a full life and enjoy the hidden wonders of every stage of our lives.

Interview with the author - Radio Cooperativa Chile (April 2014)

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PUBLISHED BY: North America and Central America OCÉANO | South America PLANETA

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