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Marina Rivas & Inés Ortega


Preparing a menu, combining a range of dishes for different occasions and planning all the shopping can be a chore, even for experienced cooks. This new instalment from Inés Ortega and Marina Rivas in the ‘1080 new cooking ideas' series is a practical and creative guide that introduces us to a thousand different ways to prepare distinctive, enticing, healthy and balanced meals. With clear introductions to the different elements that a full menu should feature, how to lay the table, some fundamental tips on etiquette and how to organize the weekly shop along with plenty more useful advice, this book is structured into different chapters that contain examples of menus for a range of different occasions and dietary needs that also take the age of the diners into account. Each section ends with a long list of easy to make recipes using widely available ingredients. Our menus is based on the authors' own experiences and shows how with basic knowledge and proper guidance every concept can be personalized to meet the preferences, circumstances, tastes and appetite of one's guests while maintaining an imaginative outlook and staying on budget.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ALIANZA 

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