Deaf Ears

Pilar Sordo


We're tired. We're always rushing against the clock, suffering from stress and tension, eating poorly, sleeping inadequately and trapped by technology that keeps us connected but also prevents us from communicating. This tiredness can become chronic and deteriorate into a disease: headaches, panic attacks, arrhythmia, hormonal disorders and a long series of other problems that affect a large part of the world's population. What do all those symptoms say about what is going on inside of us? What are our emotions? Have we ever asked ourselves why all this is happening?

Drawing on her personal experience, Pilar Sordo tells us how she turned a ‘deaf ear' to her sickness and reveals her own path to recovery, whose keys lie in listening to the signals our body sends us, reassessing our priorities and finding the necessary silence where we can connect to our interior and ask the questions that need asking. This is a reminder that we must understand our health in terms of root causes - emotions - and not just symptoms because, at the end of the day, diseases tell us more about our soul than our body.

"This book invites us on an inner journey, towards real health, towards an understanding that the body screams things that the mouth won't even acknowledge."

PUBLISHED BY: South America PLANETA | North America and Central America OCÉANO

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