Whoever said all is lost? Biography of a song

Gastón García Marinozzi


Whoever said all is lost?

Can a song change the world?
This is the story of the anthems we can't stop singing, from "Bella Ciao" to Black Lives Matter as well as feminist music from around the world.
This cultural essay begins with the famous song Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón (I've come to offer my heart) by Fito Páez, which, thirty-five years on, feels just as relevant; the offspring of French chansons, folk music by Violeta Parra and Mercedes Sosa, hope-infused Cuban music, rock by Bob Dylan and the Beatles and the prolific creativity of Charly García and Spinetta.
It is also a choral memoir of a song and a period featuring accounts by Joan Manuel Serrat, Pablo Milanés, Eugenia León, Omara Portuondo, Liliana Herrero, Susana Baca, Sole Giménez, Wendy Guerra, Xavier Velasco and Pedro Mairal, among others.

‘Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón is part of the soundtrack of a period of hope and excitement, when we rediscovered our dreams and liberty.' Joan Manuel Serrat


‘A thrilling emotional journey that provides an account of the conception of both a song and the identity of a continent. A genre-defying book that reads like a novel.'

Benito Taibo.


‘Simply fascinating. A sociological, political, historical study of a song but also a country and a continent. It's enthralling.'

Mariano del Mazo, Radio Nacional Argentina.


‘One of the surprises of the year. A book that stays with you once you've finished it, stimulating new ideas and sensations,'

Fernando Navarro, El País.


‘An essay written at the exciting pace of a novel that goes much further than documenting the creation of a song: it sets out to demonstrate the power of music, and even explain why we sing.'

Xavi Ayen, La Vanguardia.


‘A book to delight the soul, it will get you thinking about the anthems of your life.'

Gabriela Warkentin, W Radio México.


PUBLISHED BY: Spanish Worldwide TURNER 

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