Corner of Haikus

Mario Benedetti


Enclosing in 17 syllables (with predetermined divisions) a sensation, a doubt, an opinion, a feeling, a landscape, and even a brief anecdote, began as a game. But little by little one begins to grasp the new possibilities of the old structure. Thus, formal difficulty becomes an incentive and brevity a provocative form of synthesis.

Simply put, the classic haiku, as a lyrical form, always seemed to me a challenge. It is obvious that I have not set out to imitate Japanese poets, or even to incorporate their preferred images and themes. I have hardly had the audacity to introduce myself into this lyrical pattern, but not by appealing to Japanese clichés but to my own ups and downs, concerns, landscapes and feelings.

PUBLISHED BY: Argentina, Chile and Uruguay PLANETA | Rest of Latin America and USA (Spanish) ALFAGUARA | Spain VISOR

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