San Francisco

Luciano Lamberti


Before the stories in El asesino de chanchos (The Pig Killer) and El loro que podía adivinar el futuro (The Parrot who Could Predict the Future), Luciano Lamberti wrote poetry. In 2008 he started to hand out an artisanal edition of his first poetry collection, beginning in a small town in the east of Córdoba. The syntax of the verses was simple and direct, creating melancholy but crystal clear scenes, even when he veered into the picaresque. The metaphysical, siesta-hour atmosphere was completed with rough and ready protagonists, shotguns and lost dogs.

San Francisco features birds, horses, the local club’s swimming pool, satsumas, firemen and murderous metalworkers, conjuring a time that stops and starts; a rhythm not dissimilar to that of a bicycle along a dirt road. Then comes a trip to the city of Córdoba and the change of scene brings with it the noise of urban streets. The light is different but the all-seeing eye encompasses and amplifies the manic life of the city. Before his stories, Luciano Lamberti was already telling tales about the move from the countryside to the city, domestic life full of both ominous and pleasant symbols, intense memories, timidity and hope. 

Can one describe San Francisco as a book about Argentina in the 21st century? Yes, and they might also add that it’s an original, engaging, sensitive and vibrant read.  


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