You´re for Me

José Niemetz


Estela is an obese woman with an extraordinary libido whose life has been a litany of abuse and neglect. The garden nursery she runs – whose secrets are passed down from generation to generation by the women of the family – provides the setting for her transformation into a pitiless, spine-tingling serial killer, all to the soundtrack of Estela Raval.

Voracious as the worms who become her great allies, she is an expert in preparing potions, brews and poisons that become her chief means of revenge, although she is also known to use more unusual methods. One day, however, a policeman arrives at the nursery. He must decide between succumbing to her erotic wiles or investigating the crimes that have taken place there.    

With all the gripping excitement and intensity of a bona fide thriller, José Niemetz has created a powerful, sinister but very engaging character.

The winning entry to the 2018 Clarín Alfaguara Prize possesses all the excitement and intensity of a bona fide thriller. Its author, José Niemetz, has created a powerful, amoral character with a sinister, ironic but engaging voice.


“An excessive novel in the best sense of the word. Original, powerful, ferocious and overwhelming , like a force of nature.”

Almudena Grandes


You’re for Me turns our prejudices about obesity on their heads, making it instead a perverse way to enjoy life.”  

Guadalupe Nettel


“This outsized, erotic gardener brings to mind Stephen King at his best: unforgettable.”

Jorge Fernández Diaz


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