Death will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes

Magela Baudoin


This book offers stories of siblings and families riven by resentment and misunderstandings in spite of the love they have for one another... girl survivors, rebellious women, hawkers of magical wares and witchdoctors who read your mind... ‘oceans of unshed tears,' and ‘seas of guilt'... pain and resignation but courage too. ‘Reality is crude,' says one of the characters but here Magela Baudoin has turned it into literature, resulting in a joyous gift for readers everywhere.
Claudia Piñeiro

Reading these new stories by Magela Baudoin one embarks on a journey through the treacherous paths of memory, encountering strange characters from unusual places who weave together selected recollections, omissions and distractions out of a language apparently designed to enshrine oblivion.
Virginia Ayllón

Containing tenderness and horror, refined language and everyday speech, a search for identity and its dissolution, the stories of Magela Baudoin are a bright, painful star that guides one through life's trials and tribulations. Every time I re-read them, I am amazed anew.
Clara Obligado


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