Now that I’ve said goodbye, how do I forget you?

Walter Riso


A guide to ridding your ex from your head and your heart.

Some people and relationships leave an indelible mark. It's as though they've got tangled up in our DNA; the very essence of who we are. Losing them creates a painful, devastating void. How can you get over the absence of a person who was essential to our emotional lives?

This is the idea: if you manage to put your ex (or any other impossible love) behind you properly, you'll be able to reinvent yourself however you like. It's true that time helps, but we can give time a little help.

In this book you'll find a practical guide that will help you to overcome a failed relationship with dignity. Reading it won't get rid of the pain that you'll have to go through but it will make it more understandable and easier to bear, transforming it into useful suffering.

Make the choice to definitively cast off the emotional bonds that are keeping you from happiness and personal growth. You'll be surprised at what you're capable of when your inner strength helps you to say goodbye to the ex who won't let go of your heart and mind.

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