About us

Who We Are

The agency was founded in Buenos Aires in 1998 by Guillermo Schavelzon who had previously worked as an editor in Argentina, Mexico and Spain for 30 years. Our 2002 move to Barcelona represented a definitive step in our international expansion.

Our task is to represent writers of fiction and non-fiction. The majority of them write in Spanish, for which reason we focus on Latin America and Spain, both with regards to editors and the markets in which we work. Deeply embedded in the Spanish book market, we are well aware of and adapt to the individual characteristics of the different countries which make it up.

Our agency represents writers universally - in all countries and languages -, we do not represent individual works or titles, nor do we agree to work only in specific countries. We work very closely with our authors and are extremely committed to the development of their literary career. We do so according to medium and long term publishing strategies, at both local and international levels. We read and are well acquainted with all the manuscripts we represent, a principle which editors know and appreciate about us.

We are defined by our solid relationships with editors whom we consider to be our business partners. We select the most prestigious publishers in each country with which to publish our authors and also medium-sized and small independent publishers that can reach more specific readers and offer alternative publishing strategies. We support both the writer and editor throughout the process of development, publication and launch of their work.

Although the publishing of physical, paper books is fundamental to us, we also do extensive work in rights promotion for both television and cinema. The growth of electronic publishing has led us to develop a specialized area. We are closely following the evolution of the ebook across the world, working with all relevant publishers and the principal international platforms.

The results we achieve are founded in fluid communication with our writers and editors across the world, whom we keep informed about our writers and their work via newsletters, our website and our active presence on social networks.

We attend all the professional book fairs in Europe and America and are also constantly travelling around the major cities of Europe and Latin America to keep editors up to date on our authors and their work.

We also carry out this work in Barcelona, where our offices are located, and where we constantly receive visits from editors and scouts from across the world.

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