• Animal world / The affection of fools

    STORIES, 1953/1961

    Antonio Di Benedetto

    With hallucinatory monologues that approach the contours of fantastic literature, this edition brings together the stories from his first book of short stories Animal World (1953) with those...

  • Complete Stories

    STORIES, 2006.

    Antonio Di Benedetto

    Di Benedetto's writing postulates associate him with a subway filiation of Spanish-American literature that prolongs fantastic literature, concentrating on effects and meanings similar to those of...

  • Shadows, nothing else...

    NOVEL, 1985

    Antonio Di Benedetto

    Shadows, nothing else ... is the last book by Antonio Di Benedetto. The author published it in 1985, a year before his death. In December of that year, the novel received the Boris Vian Award, at...

  • The Suicides

    NOVEL, 1969

    Antonio Di Benedetto

    A journalist, egocentric, melancholic and unappreciated by others, a regular at movie theaters and boxing matches, is commissioned to write a series of chronicles on the suicides that have...

  • The Silentiary

    NOVEL, 1964

    Antonio Di Benedetto

    First published in 1964, The Silentiary continues the narrative soliloquy begun with Zama in 1956 and prolonged in The Suicides , published in 1966, forming a sort of trilogy due to the...

  • The Pentagon

    NOVEL, 1955

    Antonio Di Benedetto

    First published in Buenos Aires in 1955 and written in the previous decade, The Pentagon has attracted the attention of critics for years, not so much for questioning certain guidelines of...

  • Zama

    NOVEL, 1956.

    Antonio Di Benedetto

    First published in 1956, Zama is unanimously considered one of the great novels of the twentieth century in the Spanish language. It narrates, using a timeless and archaic language, at times...

  • Helena's Dreams

    CHILDREN, 2011

    Eduardo Galeano

    «Helena humbles me every morning, at breakfast time, by telling me her prodigious dreams. She enters the night like a movie theater, and every night a new dream awaits her. While she tells,...

  • The Knights of the Night

    NOVEL, 2024

    Daniel Balmaceda

    Buenos Aires. 1881. One cold winter night, the corpse of Mrs. Inés Indart de Dorrego disappears from the Recoleta cemetery. Three Italians, two Frenchmen, a Greek and an Algerian, led by a...


    NOVEL, 2024

    Pablo De Santis

    Volcanic ash has covered Bosque Blanco, a tourist town in Patagonia, for the past year. Flights to the area have been cancelled; hotels and restaurants are empty, and a large part of the...

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