• Old Dog

    NOVEL, 2024

    Ernesto Mallo

    The return of Captain Lascano  Admitted into El Hogar, a luxury care home, Captain Lascano is at an all-time low: the home turns out to be the scene of a crime of which he is the main...

  • Luz y luna, las lunitas.

    NARRATIVE, 1994

    Elena Poniatowska

    Light and Big and Little Moons takes us on a tour of some of the most eccentric and charming characters in Mexican culture. The odd vernacular of Mexican street vendors, the exuberant...

  • Tlapalería

    NARRATIVE, 2003.

    Elena Poniatowska

    In a city tlapalería hardware store one hears, sees and smells the joyful hustle and bustle of the neighbourhoods but also the petty squabbles and gossip that lend colour to our collective...

  • Nothing and no one. The voices of earthquake

    NON FICTION, 2006.

    Elena Poniatowska

    The 19th and 20th of September 1985 were days of great pain for the residents of Mexico City. The earth shook and the reverberations ransacked the great city without mercy. Death and destruction....

  • Don’t Say Thank You

    NON FICTION, 2009

    Elena Poniatowska

    The legendary story of how seven families occupied land in Morelos in 1973 and ended up building a settlement of fifteen thousand people led by Güero Medrano in an unprecedented experiment in...

  • Writing a Silence

    NON FICTION, 2023

    Claudia Piñeiro

    «I suspect that what I write is born of silence. That is how it has been since I was a child: from silence to writing. From resistance to speech and the pleasure of constructing a...

  • Baumgartner

    NOVEL, 2023

    Paul Auster

    Paul Auster's brilliant eighteenth novel opens with a scorched pot of water, which Sy Baumgartner -- phenomenologist, noted author, and soon-to-be retired philosophy professor - has just forgotten...

  • Silence is Strong

    NON FICTION, 1980

    Elena Poniatowska

    The act of resistance far transcends the indignation with which it began. It is a means of going out to meet one's fate, a final, desperate demand for justice. Migrants who come to the big city to...

  • Ciruela


    Pablo De Santis

    To get into Gong School, Ciruela must past a very difficult entrance exam. When she goes back to get the results, the Assistant Headteacher Valpurgia Cameron tells her that due to an...

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