• Gente que habla dormida


    Luciano Lamberti

    With a wide range of plots and a powerful, clear, simple style, these three story collections interrogate, delve into and decipher what we call reality: town streets and country roads, boredom,...

  • The Animal Condition


    Valeria Correa Fiz

    One can't enter the world created by the twelve stories in The Animal Condition and not come out at the very least shaken, disturbed and maybe even upset by its intensity. What is it that...

  • If You Love Me, Love Me Crooked

    NON FICTION, 2010

    Cristian Alarcón

    In a Buenos Aires slum, where five clans compete for control of the cocaine supply, a woman, Alcira, gets by on her wits and fearlessness. Cristian Alarcón delves into this underworld to...

  • The Third Paradise

    NOVEL, 2022

    Cristian Alarcón

    WINNER OF THE 2022 ALFAGUARA AWARD FOR THE NOVEL The 2020 lockdown is looming and the protagonist is tempted to withdraw to his cabin on the outskirts of Buenos Aires to weather the...

  • There Was Once a Garden


    Valeria Correa Fiz

    A garden is a rational, ordered, cared-for space where nature is given instructions and chaos is banished. Behind it are either dense jungle or uninhabitable desert. The seven masterful stories by...

  • The Imaginary Places Cookbook

    COOKBOOKS, 2021

    Alberto Manguel

    THE FIRST BOOK OF (LITERARY) RECIPES BY ALBERTO MANGUEL  WITH ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS BY THE AUTHOR This book has devil-lovers soup, dragon omelet, sorcerer's fingers, dinoburgers, and...

  • The Polish Lover 2

    NOVEL, 2021

    Elena Poniatowska

    Stanisław Poniatowski wanders the halls of his palace in regal solitude. He was recently crowned king, but with the throne came a flood of problems: the royal treasury is heavily in debt, his...

  • Our menus

    COOKING, 2021

    Marina Rivas & Inés Ortega

    Preparing a menu, combining a range of dishes for different occasions and planning all the shopping can be a chore, even for experienced cooks. This new instalment from Inés Ortega and...

  • Whoever said all is lost? Biography of a song

    NON-FICTION, 2021

    Gastón García Marinozzi

    Whoever said all is lost? Can a song change the world? This is the story of the anthems we can't stop singing, from "Bella Ciao" to Black Lives Matter as well as feminist music from around...

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