• Don Quixote and his ghosts

    Essay, 2019

    Alberto Manguel

    It is possible to summarize the meaning of Alberto Manguel's essay with the author's own words: «The reality of Cervantes' world [...] can only be faithfully portrayed through approximations...

  • The Backside of Tapestry: Notes on the Art of Translation

    ESSAY, 2023

    Alberto Manguel

    «Every translation is a transposition. In the Middle Ages, the word translatio denoted the movement of a saint's relics from one place to another: translation therefore as displacement, as...

  • Story of the parrot's resurrection

    CHILDREN, 2008

    Eduardo Galeano

    «The man regained his speech, and told how the parrot had drowned and the girl had cried and the orange had been stripped and the fire had gone out and the wall had lost a stone and the tree...

  • From the Diary I Never Kept

    MEMOIR, 2024

    Hernán Rivera Letelier

    Hernán Rivera Letelier begins his memoirs with this book about his childhood. It tells the tale of his life as the fourth child of an evangelical family at the Algorta camp whose father...

  • Be like them and other articles

    ANTHOLOGY, 2017.

    Eduardo Galeano

    «End of History? For us, it is nothing new. Already five centuries ago, Europe decreed that the memory and dignity of America were crimes. The new owners of these lands forbade to remember...

  • We Say No. Chronicles (1963-1988)

    NON FICTION, 2010

    Eduardo Galeano

    This book gathers articles and reports published between 1963 and 1988, dealing with topics ranging from Latin American revolutions to the colonial heritage, passing through indigenous myths and...

  • Guatemala. General Essay on Political Violence in Latin America

    ESSAY, 2020

    Eduardo Galeano

    In 1967, a very young Eduardo Galeano undertook a trip that would mark his career as a journalist and his political sensitivity forever: he spent several months in Guatemala with the aim of...

  • The Song of Us

    NOVEL, 2017

    Eduardo Galeano

    The Song of Us is a novel of exile: the author evokes his forbidden land and recreates it through the adventures that intersect in its pages, on the background of the military dictatorship, in...

  • Hunter of Stories


    Eduardo Galeano

    The 21st century is not turning out to be a great one. The abuses of a system made up of rich people getting richer and richer and screwed really screwed are the order of the day. The fleas are...

  • Days and Nights of Love and War

    NON FICTION, 2017

    Eduardo Galeano

    In 1976, at the age of 36, Galeano begins a long exile that takes him first to Buenos Aires and later to Catalonia. Stricken by the disappearance, murder or exile of his companions, there he...

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