• Walking Words

    NARRATIVE, 2017

    Eduardo Galeano

    «I have come to José Borges' workshop to invite him to work together. I explain my project to him: images of him, his engraving arts, and words of mine. He is silent. And I talk and...

  • Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone

    NARRATIVE, 2008

    Eduardo Galeano

    This book has been written so that they will not leave. In these pages the past and the present come together. The dead are reborn, the anonymous are named: the men who raised the palaces and...

  • Closed for Soccer

    ANTHOLOGY. 2017

    Eduardo Galeano

    This book gathers all the texts Galeano wrote about soccer, most of them scattered in his published work, but also several unpublished and true finds, such as the chronicle in which, at only 23...

  • Vagamundo and Other Stories

    TALES, 2017

    Eduardo Galeano

    If anything characterizes Vagamundo, it is to introduce us to Galeano as a storyteller. The characters of these articles and short stories cross the stories and themes that the author deals with...

  • Amares

    ANTHOLOGY, 2018

    Eduardo Galeano

    «That's what the world is. A lot of people, a sea of little fires. Each person shines with his or her own light among all the others. In the end, we are what we do to change who we are. They...

  • Voices of time

    NARRATIVE, 2014

    Eduardo Galeano

    This book offers a multitude of small stories that together tell a single story. The themes, diverse, build a plot capable of evoking the most pleasant aspects of human life, such as the links...

  • Demonios de la culpa
  • A Bird's Eye View

    NARRATIVE, 2024

    Marcela Serrano

    The coming and going of birds, the joys and sorrows of life at seventy, a romantic break-up, conversations with her sisters during lockdown, societal changes in a country and world on fire,...

  • Luz y luna, las lunitas.

    NARRATIVE, 1994

    Elena Poniatowska

    Light and Big and Little Moons takes us on a tour of some of the most eccentric and charming characters in Mexican culture. The odd vernacular of Mexican street vendors, the exuberant...

  • Tlapalería

    NARRATIVE, 2003.

    Elena Poniatowska

    In a city tlapalería hardware store one hears, sees and smells the joyful hustle and bustle of the neighbourhoods but also the petty squabbles and gossip that lend colour to our collective...

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