• How much is a Refrigerator? and other Plays

    THEATER, 2021

    Claudia Piñeiro

    This book brings together six plays written by Claudia Piñeiro; three comedies and three dramas. Half a dozen stories about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations...

  • A Blinding Light

    NOVEL, 2021

    Viviana Rivero

    Is it possible for a couple to live happily in love when they come from two starkly different cultures? It's 2014 and the bloody civil war rages in Syria. Álvaro Sánchez, an...

  • El alumno nuevo


    Pablo De Santis

  • Secrets at dawn

    NOVEL, 2021

    Gabriela Exilart

    Gijón, Spain, 1956. María de la Paz Noriega is determined to uncover the secret origins of her father, Bruno Noriega. All she has to go on is an old note from the civil war. Her...

  • The Beast We Inhabit. A Járcor Case

    NOVEL, 2021

    Bef, Bernardo Fernández Bernardo Fernández, Bef ,

    Mexico City, November 2019 The Beast We Inhabit. A Járcor Case The leader of the Constanza Cartel, Lizzy Zubiaga: behind bars. Her nemesis, Detective Andrea Mijangos: disappeared. But in...

  • Pirse the Improbable

    NARRATIVE. 2021

    Juan Sasturain

    Juan Sasturain worked on the manuscript for El último Hammett (The Last Hammet, winner of the Dashiell Hammett Award for the Crime Novel in 2019) for thirty years, gathering information...

  • Alex Saab

    NON FICTION, 2021

    Gerardo Reyes

    The true story of businessman Alex Saab's ties with Nicolás Maduro and the Colombian political scene The compelling story of the conflict between the United States and the regime in...

  • Serafin, the writer and the witch


    Claudia Piñeiro

    Serafin loves stories about witches. He's a little shy and because he's new to the neighbourhood, doesn't yet have many friends. Amanda Amancay is an unusual witch who doesn't get on with her...

  • Collected stories


    The collected stories of Ricardo Piglia, a contemporary Spanish-language great. This volume gathers together all of Ricardo Piglia's short stories compiled and arranged by the author shortly...

  • Hotel Acantilado


    Pablo De Santis

    This is the unknown story of one of Jules Verne's most famous characters: Captain Nemo. After the sinking of the Nautilus, he is forced to hide from pursuers who have put a price on his head....

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