• Report on a Suspicious Death

    NOVEL, 2010

    Vlady Kociancich

    "The death of someone close to you always fills you with guilt and doubt" says one of the characters in this brilliant novel of suspense and intrigue. Juan Turner, a young, successful lawyer,...

  • The Women’s Temple

    NOVEL, 2013

    Vlady Kociancich

    The brilliant writer Vlady Kociancich merges genres in the best Argentine tradition: her distinctive combination of cosmopolitanism with an Argentinian flavour, fantastical themes adapted to...

  • Irina’s Secret

    NOVEL, 2016

    Vlady Kociancich

    A hotel on the Mayan Riviera. Sea, blue skies and suffocating heat. Five friends are enjoying their holidays in Mexico. They all have a past, desires and ambitions and will do whatever they can to...

  • Álvaro

    NON FICTION, 2019

    Juan Esteban Constaín

    On the centenary of the birth of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado, one of the most important political figures in the modern history of the country, Juan Esteban Constaín has written an...

  • Belgrano

    NON FICTION, 2019

    Daniel Balmaceda

    The definitive biography of the great Argentine founding father Manuel Belgrano. A book full of new anecdotes and information that offer a clearer picture of his private life and shine new...

  • The Sands of Gijón

    NOVEL, 2019

    Gabriela Exilart

    Just when we fall in love, the world falls apart... Gijón, 1936. A pair of brothers come into the life of young Marcia, daughter of a powerful businessman. A forced, loveless marriage...

  • The polish lover

    NOVEL, 2019

    Elena Poniatowska

    Elena Poniatowska's most personal and ambitious novel yet It's 1743 and as he listens carefully to accounts of his family's historic feats, Stanislaw journeys through a breathtaking winter...

  • The Voice of the Great Leader

    NON FICTION, 2014

    Felipe Pigna

    José de San Martín is one of the most renowned and revered men in the history of Argentina but also one of the least known as a human being. With the rigorous research and engaging...

  • A Life Dedicated to the Nation

    NON FICTION,2017

    Felipe Pigna

    Mariano Moreno boasts the unusual distinction of being both praised and attacked for opinions he never held and concepts he never formulated. The image of a liberal, unitarian or ‘Buenos...

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