• The Bad Girl Rounds

    POETRY, 2008

    Elena Poniatowska

    There comes a time in life when games and songs lose their innocence. An educated but mischievous girl who plays the piano, practices fencing and fights with her sister endures a traumatic...

  • Children of the Days

    NARRATIVE, 2021

    Eduardo Galeano

    Did you know that supposedly the most famous episode in Genesis, featuring Adam, Eve and the apple, doesn't actually appear in the Bible? That the Greek mathematician Eratosthenes measured the...

  • The New Old Age

    NON FICTION, 2023

    Pacho O'Donnell

    Reaching old age isn't a privilege we all get to enjoy, but thanks to recent scientific advances more and more people are finding that it's a period of life that can be especially creative,...

  • Use it and Dispose it

    NON FICTION, 2023

    Eduardo Galeano

    Ecological collapse - and the discourse that continues to promote planetary disaster - have become a part of our everyday world. In this anthology, Eduardo Galeano proposes an alternative...

  • Letters from Pupé

    NOVEL, 2023

    Fabián Martínez Siccardi

    In 1923, the writer Franz Kafka came across a girl in a park in Berlin crying because she'd lost her doll Pupé. In an attempt to console her, Kafka told her that Pupé had gone...

  • A Quick, Easy Guide to Reading

    NARRATIVE, 2023

    Eduardo Berti

    ‘If reading can be a celebration, why limit yourself to a single set of rules and unimaginative guidelines?' In these pages, Eduardo Berti proposes a range of alternative ways to read...

  • The Flight of the dragonfly

    NOVEL, 2023

    A mother living on another plane, a chest with a secret and a name spur Clara to set out to explore her past. The ship Monte Cervantes takes her down to the end of the world to find an anarchist...

  • Margot at Lake Cardiel

    NOVEL, 2023

    Fabián Martínez Siccardi

    «Margot received him on a bed of blue and yellow flowers with an enormous smile, dressed only in a white tutu and ballet slippers.» This is a Patagonian story. A novel set in an...

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