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  • Yo, yo y yo

    NOVEL, 1971

    Juan Filloy

  • Caterva

    NOVEL, 1937

    Juan Filloy

    Caterva tells of seven erudite, homeless, and semi-incompetent radicals attempting to foment a revolution: conspiring with striking workers, setting off bombs, evading the local authorities, and...

  • Op Oloop

    NOVEL, 1934

    Juan Filloy

    Buenos Aires, 1930’s. The Finnish statistician Op Oloop leads a methodical, disciplined life, though he spends his time in expensive restaurants and Turkish baths, with a circle of weird friends....

  • Periplo


    Juan Filloy

  • Estafen

    NOVEL, 1931

    Juan Filloy

  • Aquende

    NOVEL, 1935

    Juan Filloy

  • The Death Rattle of a Decade, New York, ‘78


    Manuel Puig

    The Death Rattle of a Decade, New York, ’78 is a book that needs to be discovered. On the one hand, the stories within it make for an incredibly fascinating volume; and on the other...

  • Greta Garbo's eyes

    NOVEL, 1993

    Manuel Puig

    An old Italian emigrant in Argentina dreams of the masterpieces of neorealist cinema. The same character, after receiving a letter, seeks out his identity among the ruins of post-war Europe,...

  • Tropical Night Falling

    NOVELA, 1988

    Manuel Puig

    In the twilight of their lives, two sisters remember their past and discuss the love affairs of a younger neighbour whose character grows and becomes more defined through their stories....

  • Blood of Requited Love

    NOVEL, 1982

    Manuel Puig

    A story of adolescent love plays out in the vivid, vast setting of Rio – a storm of precocious, indecent passion – and a remote village in the Brazilian countryside. Seen from a...

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