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  • Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages

    NOVEL, 1980

    Manuel Puig

    This novel brings Manuel Puig’s fiction to unexpected places. Here, we are presented with the bitter, destructive encounter of two forms of New York solitude: a sick Argentinian and his...

  • Pubis angelical

    NOVEL, 1979

    Manuel Puig

    Pubis Angelical tells one story folded into two parallel planes in time, each told by different areas of the protagonist’s mind. In the real world, it tells the tale of a sick woman in a...

  • Kiss of the Spider Woman

    NOVEL, 1976

    Manuel Puig

    During the military dictatorship in Argentina, a political militant and a homosexual share a Buenos Aires prison cell. Trying to ease the continuous fear and solitude of their incarceration, the...

  • The Buenos Aires Affair

    NOVEL, 1973

    Manuel Puig

    The Buenos Aires Affair tells the tale of the final days of Leo Druscovich. Between 1930 and 1969, a coup and a popular uprising in Cordoba provide the background for a story about the enigma of...

  • Heartbreak Tango

    NOVEL, 1969

    Manuel Puig

    This text takes us back into Argentine history, the sordid underworld of romantic novels seen with unflinching objectivity through a parody of journalistic language, ferociously impassive...

  • Betrayed by Rita Hayworth

    NOVEL, 1968.

    Manuel Puig

    A dusty town in the Argentine pampas, 1939. A timid boy who feels different from all the others finds refuge in the cinema. Between showings, Toto uses his family and neighbours as shields to...

  • Spain in the Diaries of My Old Age

    NON FICTION, 2004

    Ernesto Sabato

    A trip to Spain in early 2002, while Argentina was in the throes of one of the worst political and economic crises in its history, was the spur for Ernesto Sabato’s new book.True to his...

  • Before the End

    NON FICTION, 1998

    Ernesto Sabato

    Ernesto Sabato's memoir is a unique book: his spiritual will and testament. It is the story of a young man born in La Pampa who successfully embarks upon a successful career in science, even...

  • One and the Universe

    NON FICTION, 1945

    Ernesto Sabato

    One and the Universe, the first book published by Ernesto Sabato, won first prize in the poetry competition run by the Municipality of Buenos Aires in 1945. The jury included Vicente Barbieri,...

  • Abaddon, the Exterminator

    NOVEL, 1974

    Ernesto Sabato

    Abaddon the Exterminator ends the trilogy that began with The Tunnel and followed with On Heroes and Tombs. Extending the metaphor of ‘The Report on the Blind’, this profound,...

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