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  • Nobody nothing never

    NOVEL, 1994

    Juan José Saer

    What discourse can really offer the complexity of the real life? How many versions of history are possible? At a bend in a river, some men share images and memories, between a suffocating...

  • The Art of Fiction

    POETRY, 1977

    Juan José Saer

    "It doesn't matter what city one is in / they're always in their home land." For Juan José Saer, that land is language. He moves with his fiction but he amazes with his poetry, achieving a...

  • The One Before


    Juan José Saer

    "What can you expect of a man who takes naps? Nothing but a stream of dense, raw fragments. The world might well shine brightly within them, if the world is capable of shining brightly." Thus...

  • The Regal Lemon Tree

    NOVEL, 2010

    Juan José Saer

    A family who live on the Santa Fe coast meet on the morning of the final day of the year to prepare for the celebrations that night, when a lamb will be roasted. Two absences afflict the central...

  • Scars

    NOVEL, 2003

    Juan José Saer

    Luis Fiore, a metalworker, murders his wife on the 1st of May. The episode serves as a basis for the four stories that make up this novel by Juan José Saer, originally published in 1969....

  • A Sense of Place


    Juan José Saer

    The formal rigour of modernist narrative and an intensely poetic perception of the world are the two main pillars on which this story collection, a keystone of Argentine literature, is...

  • All the Way Around

    NOVEL, 1966

    Juan José Saer

    Places, phrases, sensations and characters return over and over again in Saer's stories to reference the fragments, experiences, memories and perceptions bouncing around the author's imagination....

  • Stick and Bone


    Juan José Saer

    The four stories that make up the volume Palo y hueso (Stick and Bone), written between 1960 and 1961, first appeared in 1965. Already, Saer was exploring what would become the centre of the...

  • Responso

    NOVEL, 1964

    Juan José Saer

    In just over six hours, from the onset of night to dawn the next day, Barrios will realize that the past, although recent, has become definitive. How had things happened? And, more importantly,...

  • In the Zone


    Juan José Saer

    With now classic texts such as Tango del viudo (Widower's Tango) and Fuego para Rivarola (A Light for Rivarola), and characters who the reader can easily identify and empathize with -Tomatis,...

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