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  • Maria Speaks. A Graphic Novel about Autism


    Bef, Bernardo Fernández

    There are two voices in this charming novel. One belongs to Bef, who tells a tale that will be familiar to anyone close to a differently abled child. The other to Maria, who speaks with the power...

  • Jumbled Pages


    Pablo De Santis

    Darío inherits a struggling publisher from his uncle, and also a novel with all the pages jumbled up. Working through the night, he sets out to put the book back together again with the...

  • The Game of Snow


    Pablo De Santis

    El juego de la nieve (The Game of Snow) is the third and final part of El inventor de juegos (The Game Inventor) the bestselling Argentine fantasy saga. The Zyl Games Festival is about to...

  • Similarity Inc.

    NOVEL, 1990

    Juan Sasturain

    In his masterful style, Juan Sasturain drops us off at an airport in a city where the protagonist of this novel finds himself caught up a series of extraordinary events. “I’ll tell...

  • Walt Disney’s Fingers

    NOVEL, 1991

    Juan Sasturain

    It all begins on Friday the 13 th when Nacho and Quico leave school devastated: the implacable Miss Virginia Luján has failed them in the final exam in Ancient and Medieval History. But...

  • Brooklyn & and a Half

    NOVEL, 2002

    Juan Sasturain

    A novel for young people in the author’s characteristic style. A crime novel filled with absurdity, humour and adventure. “I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think...

  • Illuminated Patagonia

    NOVELA, 2012

    Fabián Martínez Siccardi

    A month ago, on one of his mail transport flights, Amanda's father left the aerodrome in Bahia Blanca on his way to Rio Gallegos. At some point during the journey, the Aeroposta Argentina plane...

  • Behind the Mask

    NOVEL, 2014.

    Bef, Bernardo Fernández

    Zombi, a tall, well-built young man, and Roque, a small, shy nerd, have been friends since they were little. They both go to Germán Butze High School and they have the same problems as all...

  • From the fish eye


    Pablo De Santis

    Max goes to Buenos Aires to study. However, his real goal is to find Teresa, with whom he is in love. When he arrives, he moves into a cheap room whose window reminds him of a fish eye. From...

  • The Labyrinth Game


    Pablo De Santis

    CHILDREN'S LITERATURE NATIONAL PRIZE OF ARGENTINA 2012 Overnight, a labyrinth of plants appears in the legendary city of Zyl. The inhabitants are trapped in their homes and are forced to give...

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